Managed Print Services...

What is it?

Let’s start with a few questions

You know what you spend on equipment…what about supplies?
When you think about supplies did you think about carrying costs?
Are supplies ordered in a systematic way or by each user?
How many P.O’s are generated each month for supplies and service?
How much does it cost to process and pay an invoice?
Color printing = $$$… how much does color printing really cost?
Is your IT department trained and equipped to service printers effectively?

Don’t know the answer?.....Good news, you’re not alone.

90% of businesses do not know what they are spending on network and desktop printing.
1%-3% of annual revenues are spent on document management (IT department resources, accounts payable, excess inventory, obsolete inventory, shipping, equipment maintenance, excess equipment capacity)

Do you want to find the answers and begin truly Managing your print fleet?

It’s possible with Xerox PagePack 3.0 Managed Print Services!

As a Xerox PagePack 3.0 Partner, Premier Printing will gladly come to your business and provide a comprehensive assessment. After a complete assessment of your networked print environment, we will design a solution that optimizes your specific print, copy, scan, and fax requirements. We then provide an ongoing partnership to help direct and most importantly MANAGE your print fleet. Check out just a few of the PagePack advantages…
Receive a fixed cost-per-page. In an unmanaged environment, every document printed uses a variable amount of ink or toner, making the price of every print different. With PagePack, you pay a fixed-cost-per page, which reduces your overall expenses.
Make ordering easier and eliminate the need for multiple vendors. PagePack Assistant print monitoring software lets you manage and order your supplies online with next-day delivery. And PagePack allows you to work with one dedicated vendor who knows and understands your specific needs - whether you are ordering supplies, requesting technical support, or need on-site service.
Simplify your accounting. As a PagePack customer, receive a monthly, itemized invoice listing the number and type of prints made in your print fleet. This report includes everything you need to review, monitor, and adjust your office printing budget as necessary.
Optimize your staff. Allow your highly trained and highly compensated IT staff focus on mission critical objectives. Allow a printer expert handle your printing fleet. When you're ready to save money on device acquisition, ongoing print costs, high-volume, or high-coverage printing environments, Premier Printing is ready to help you design the solution that fits your needs. Contact us today to get started.